Professionals Association
At Least One Professional Per Family

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  • What is KPA?
    KPA is a non-profit association formed to provide financial assistance to the poor and deserving students of the Khandelwal community to pursue professional education.
  • What is the process of application?
    Please refer to the process section of website. From time to time, KPA releases advertisement to invite application from the prospective candidates to apply for the financial assistance.
  • What is the criteria of selection?
    The criteria of selection of the candidate for financial assistance is based on the factors :-
    • Financial background of the family
    • Academic performance of the candidate
    • Status of admission or eligibility for the recognised professional college
    • Eligibility , verification and validation of the testimonials
  • Does KPA funds for overseas education?
    Currently, the focus of KPA to cater to large number of candidates pursuing professional education in the India only
  • What is the limit of financial assistance?
    There is no defined limit, the amount of financial assistance depends upon the total requirement for the education expenses supported by the necessary documents.
  • Whether the financial assistance provided is grant or scholarship or loan?
    KPA provides financial assistance in the form of refundable loan without interest. The loan need to be paid back in instalment as per the terms and conditions of the disbursement.
  • Whether the financial assistance is provided as a lump sum or in instalments?
    The financial assistance is provided in instalments, decided as per the fees requirement of the prospective education institution and is not given as lump sum amount.
  • What is the time period for paying back the loan amount?
    KPA expects that after completing the professional education, the student should be able to get a decent job and should be in a position to start paying in six months after completion of the education
  • Does the financial assistance consider the living and other expense of the students?
    No, currently, the major financial assistance goes for providing financial support for the payment of fees. However, on specific cases the application for other expenses will be considered.
  • How long it takes to get the final approval and sanction of loan?
    KPA follows a professional, transparent and speedy mechanism to disburse the loan to the shortlisted candidate so that they can meet the deadlines of fees of the institution. Typically, the process will take between 1-3 months.