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Our Partners

We at KPA assure you that your donations are fully used only for providing financial assistance to the students.

Funds Utilisation

KPA is conscious that funds donated to us are given to us in Trust by the society for philanthropic activities.

KPA maintains two separate accounts to ensure that donations are used solely for the purpose of achieving its social objectives.

Donation A/C: 100% Funds received from donation is used only for giving financial assistance to students. Many members are regularly contributing to build up this corpus.

All administrative expenses are funded by members themselves and are accounted separately. No funds from Donations are used to meet the administrative expenses.

Various funds constituted by our esteemed donors are:
Distinguish Funds – Rs 25 Lacs & Above
Sr. No. Name
1 Shri Damodarlal Naraini Devi Khatoria Charitable Trust, Jaipur
2 Gupta Chritable Trusr, Jaipur
3 Shri Jagadguru Shankaracharya - Kanchi Blessed Education Fund
4 Kasturidevi Kishorilal Jhalani Parmarthik Fund, A lot/Indore

Platinum Donors Education Funds – Rs 11 lacs & above
Sr. No. Name
1 Shri Niranjan Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Education Fund
2 Badaya Parivar (Kolana) Education Assistance Fund
3 Smt. Madhu Khandelwal Memorial Education Fund
4 Shri Surajmal Bamb Parivar (Mandha-Madani) Education Fund
5 Smt. Vimala Devi & Shri Motilal Jhalani Parivar Education Fund
6 Shri Vishveshwarlal Rawat Parivar Education Fund
7 Late Shri Lalchand & Smt. Kamladevi Khandelwal Education Fund
8 Shiv Pan Charitable Trust Education Fund (In Memory of Late Shiv Prasad Bhkhmaria)
9 Shri Santosh Kumar Omkarlal Khandelwal Education Trust
10 Late Smt. Ramjankidevi Hiranarayan Education Fund
11 Shri Adhyatma Bandhu Gupta Parivar Education Assistance Fund
12 Shri Mahesh Khandelwal Parivar Education Fund, Chennai
13 Smt. Mohindevi & Shri Shyamsunder Kanoongo Parivar Education Fund
14 KPA Founder Members Combine Assistance Fund
15 KPA Patron Members Combine Assistance Fund
16 KPA Life Members Combine Assistance Fund
17 KPA Central India Zonal Chapter Members Combine Assistance Fund
18 Shri Madanlal Ghia Memorial Education Fund – Indore
19 Shri Manish Sahara Assisted Education Fund – Indore
20 Shri Govind Sahay Gupta Parivar Education Assistance Fund - Kolkata
21 Shri Om Prakash Gupta (Natani) Parivar Education Assistance Fund

Other Funds
Sr. No. Name
1 "Support a Student Scheme" Education Fund – Rs 25,000 and above
2 Mumbai Khandelwal Samaj Education Fund –As per donors contribution