Our Team


Er. Amit Narendra Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Bhagwan Sahai Murlidhar Khandelwal, Akola
CA. Bhagwan Sahai Murlidhar Khandelwal, Jaipur
Er. Chhaganlal Hiralal Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Dheeraj Ashok Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Gaurishankar H. Jhalani, Mumbai
Mr. Ghanshyam Banwarilal Kulwal, Mumbai
CA. Govind Das Radha Gopal Khandelwal, Mumbai
Mr. Hemant Manohar Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Kailash Jagdish Gupta, Mumbai
CA. Kailash Ramprasad Natani, Mumbai
Dr. Madhu Rajendra Khandelwal, Mumbai
Er. Late Mr. Niranjan Kumar O Karlal Khandelwal, Mumbai

CA. Om Prakash Shyam Sunder Kanoongo, Mumbai
CA. Pradeep Visheshwarlal Rawat, Mumbai
Er. Praful Motilal Jhalani, Mumbai
CA. Radha Mohan Gupta, Mumbai
CA. Rajeev Shivprasad Khandelwal, Mumbai
Er. Ravindra Jayanti Prasad Ringshia, Mumbai
CA. Sharad Krishna Kumar Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Shriram Surajmal Khandelwal, Mumbai
Er. Subhash Krishnavatar Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Sunil Janardan Kulwal, Nagda
CA. Late Mr. Surendra Kumar Gopilal Gupta, Mumbai


Er. Adhyatma Bandhu Gupta, Mumbai
Er. Ashok C. Khandelwal, Ahmednagar
CA. Ashok Khandelwal, Mumbai
Dr. B. K. Khandelwal, Gwalior
CA. C.P. Khandelwal, Mumbai
Mr. Charan Rawat, Mumbai
Er. Dipesh Khandelwal, Indore
Dr. Kamlesh Khandelwal, Mumbai
Er. M. S. Todwal, Nashik

Mr. Rakesh Rawat, Mumbai
Er. Sanjay Lalchand Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Santosh Kumar Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Shashikant Khandelwal, Mumbai
Er. Subhash Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Sunil G. Khandelwal, Indore
Mr. Sunil Gupta, Mumbai
CA. Sunil O. Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Vitthal Kishore Khandelwal, Indore

Life Members

Dr & Er. Abhay Gupta, Indore
Dr & Er. Abhay Gupta, Noida
Mr. Aditya Khandelwal, Mumbai
Er. Akhilesh Khandelwal, Indore
Er. Alok Khandelwal, Indore
CA. Anand Gupta, Mumbai
CA. Anil Khandelwal, Indore
Er. Anish Shah, Indore
Er. Arun Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Arvind Khandelwal, Indore
Er. Ashish Khandelwal, Mumbai
Er. Atul Kumar Ghiya, Indore
Dr. B.D. Khandelwal, Indore
CA Dinesh Khandelwal, Nasik
Dr. Gaurav Khandelwal, Indore
Dr. Gayatri Gupta, Indore
Er. Giri Raj Gupta, Indore
CA. Harish Khandelwal, Indore
CA. Hukamchand Gupta, Indore
Dr. Kamlesh Khandelwal, Mumbai
Er. Manish Vaidhya, Indore
CA. Manoj Gupta, Indore
Er. Mukesh Khandelwal, Indore
CA. Mukesh Khandelwal, Mumbai

Dr. Namrata Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Navin Khandelwal, Indore
Dr. Neha Subhash Dangayach, Mumbai
Er. Pradeep Kulwal, Indore
CA. Prashant Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Prof. Dani Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Rajendra Khandelwal, Indore
CA. Rajesh Shah, Jaipur
Er. Rajkamal Khandelwal, Indore
CA. Rakesh Khandelwal, Indore
Prof. & Mrs. Renu H. Khandelwal, Mumbai
Mr. Rohit Kumar, Mumbai
Er. Sanjay Khandelwal, Indore
Dr. Sanjay Khandelwal, Mumbai
Dr. Santosh Khandelwal, Indore
Ms. Sapna M. Todwal, Nasik
CA. Shashi Khandelwal, Mumbai
CA. Sukesh Khandelwal, Mumbai
Ms. Sushma Khandelwal, Mumbai
Er. Tarachand K. Jhalani, Indore
Er. Tushar Khandelwal, Indore
CA. Vijay Shankar Khandelwal, Indore
Er. Vinod Gupta, Gurgaon
Er. Vinod Khandelwal, Indore


Education Committee

This committee comprises of 3 Sub committees as under:

Core committee Under central Zone headed by Sh. Praful Jhalani Looks after the new Applications and after due scrutiny certifies the amount to be sanctioned. It also looks into the various decision taken by Sub Core committee and Central Zonal Education Committee.

Sub Core Committee under central Zone looks after the old application ( Sanctioned Earlier) and after due scrutiny and verifications of Marks sanction the requisite amount.

Central Zone Education Committee receives application from Madya Pradesh, Uttarpradesh, Uttarakhand, Chattishgarh & Jharkhand & forward the application after due scrutiny to central Zone for final approval.

Recovery Committee

This committee is responsible for recovery of assistance extended to our scholars who have become economically independent.

Hostel Committee

This committee is responsible for finalizing our upcoming Hostel site in and around Mumbai.

Publication Committee

This committee is responsible to bring out our Quarterly Publication “VIDYA VAIBHAV”.

Conclave Committee:

This committee is empowered to take all the decisions related to the upcoming Indore conclave of Khandelwal Professionals across the Globe.


Central India zonal chapter

Areas: Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Shri Sunil G Khandelwal
Shyam Chandra Villa,
53, Anoop Nagar, Near UCO Bank,
Indore. M P- 452008
Mobile : 09981129366.
Email : sunilg.khandelwal@gmail.com.

North India zonal chapter

North India zonal chapter

Western India zonal chapter

Western India zonal chapter