The Beginning

With the passage of time pattern and mode of education has changed.
The pattern of education is oriented towards professionalism.

In the past couple of years our community has also progressed in the educational field. You can find amongst us educated persons in every field; however there is still huge scope of making large number of professionally qualified persons in our community.

Lack of interest in education, proper guidance and non-availability of resources and finance might be few reasons. We have witnessed large initiatives among other communities in establishing educational institutions, hostels & other infrastructure facilities to impart knowledge and education of the highest standards.
It is our firm conviction that a professionally educated man creates a solid foundation for his family, community, society and nation.

It has been observed that one professionally qualified person motivates his entire family towards excellence in education.

Accordingly few professionally qualified persons who have reached a respected level in their business and career, in order to fulfil their social obligations and responsibility have joined hands together to support the cause of professional education and its importance & relevance in the community and society.