Sant Sundardas Foundation

Sant Sundardas Foundation (SSF) is set into motion by concerned members of society in 2016. Its primary objective is to uplift the poor, downtrodden and underprivileged section of society across the world. Keeping in view the fundamentals of equality, honesty, justice and social sensitivity, the foundation is working to serve the mankind as a non-political, non-profit and a professional organization. It intends to involve progressive minded people, and create resources to pave way for a stronger society. To ensure universal reach and to attain set objectives, SSF will function through empowered councils at different levels. Their members will meet regularly to keep a vigilant eye on the work bmeline so as to improve and enhance the line of action.

Transforming Lives

Sant Sundardas Foundation is working on a various fronts with a host of generous supporters and members. Targeting the important issues the society faces, it will take the best foot forward to resolve them. SSF is focused to provide assistance, guidance, financial aid, medical facilities, better education, and other material resources to respond to the wider range of social issues. It would also assist the needy and deprived members in benefiting from ongoing government schemes.
The foundation has designed a framework to cultivate better society of healthy, educated and empowered people. The wisdom and experience of team SSF is continuously exploring newer possibilities for this noble initiative. Their competencies and abilities will help the foundation to execute things in right direction and hence improving the social strata.

Beginning at Dausa- Well begun is half done

The attempt of recreating those lost values and making our people believe in them is our primary objective. We are heading towards the bigger change with our bold initiatives. The very first step is taken at Dausa district of Rajasthan, which is said to be the birth place of Sant Sundardasji. From the Dausa district, 50 students from class 5-12th are to identified, who will be provided scholarship of Rs. 10,000.00 towards the fees, cost of books and uniform, etc. This will provide a strong support to the education of needful members of society. It will alsohelp them polish their skills and transform into prosperous and responsible citizens. 

Foundation Objectives

We as a charitable foundation commit ourselves for certain objectives which can bring a noticeable change in the society. The objectives are targeted to provide the support and assistance to the people in need.

Health Care
Health Care A good health is the precursor to the growth factor, so the SSF aims to provide the free medical ailment and financial assistance to the ones who are unable to afford it. They target to integrate Khandelwal doctors, organize health care camps and are also planning to tie up with medical institutions and insurance companies.

Education In this money driven scenario, the education factor understandably takes a back seat. The willful approach of SSF is in full force to help the financially weaker section of society with the following aims:

  • Establishing educational institutes and tie up with existing ones
  • Financial assistance for secondary class students
  • Providing the infrastructure facilities, career guidance, coaching assistance for civil services

Housing for Elderly
We will be providing the old age care facilities to the people in need. This would be a great mental support to bring those lost hopes in to life. The foundation would like to put a housing complex at Jaipur and Indore to help the elderly section of society in living comfortable life.


Empowering Women and Widow Assistance

In rural India women are far from being empowered, most of them are even deprived of basic rights like health, education, employment and a respectable status in society. This is to uplift the feminine secbon of our society and empowering them for the bright future. The assistance will help them to understand their worth and abilities to mark a new beginning. The project will help the housemakers with the help of promoting homemade food and products, handicraft, micro financing, small scale manufacturing industries and also the home industry concept. The rehabilitation of widows and financing their children is also one of the major aspects of this empowerment initiative.

Census Identification

Census of Khandelwals residing in India and abroad is another positive step to bring the whole society together to support the cause and realize the mission. An online portal to collect demographic profile of all in Khandelwal community will be linked to UID system or Aadhaar card subject to adequate permission. The details will be used for many applications like job and business opportunities, matrimony match making, networking, birthday/anniversary greetings and for the newsletter circulation about the events.

lnviting Members

Following the concept of “Together we stand”, we want enthusiasts from our society to come forward and contribute the best to make the change winsome on whole. Only Khandelwals can apply for membership and the final acceptance of membership applications will be from membership committee. The membership of founder and patron members can be transferred to their nominees/ legal heirs. The foundation is targeting at least one lac members to create a mammoth network across the society.


Founder – Maximum 250
Subscription – Rs. 1,00,000/-
Subscription – Rs. 2,50,000/
Subscription – Rs. 11,000/-
Individual – Rs. 51,000/-
Corporate – Rs. 2,50,000/-
Rs. 5,000/- for 3 years or
Rs. 2,100/- per annum
Rs. 1,000/- for each members once in
a period of 5 years.